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3 Reasons Your Mechanics Should Be Wearing Polyester Uniforms

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Maintaining a professional appearance in your automotive shop can be difficult. Mechanics are exposed to dirt, grease, and other contaminants on a regular basis. These contaminants can really take their toll on clothing, leaving your mechanics looking a little ragged. If you want your workers to look their best, you might want to consider investing in polyester uniforms.

Here are three reasons why polyester is the perfect fabric for a mechanic's uniform.

1. Polyester is flame resistant.

If your automotive shop uses a welding torch to make vehicle repairs, then your mechanics are exposed to an open flame. There are fire risks associated with being in close proximity to a welding torch, but when your workers are wearing the right type of uniform, these risks are minimized.

Polyester fabric is less likely to ignite than cotton or linen. Because polyester melts rather than burns, your mechanics will have time to address any fire hazards before their clothing catches on fire. The ability to resist ignition is a valid reason for you to choose polyester uniforms for your mechanics in the future.

2. Wrinkles can be removed from polyester without ironing.

Wrinkled mechanic shirts can make your workers look unkempt, giving your customers a less-than-stellar image of your automotive shop. Taking the time to iron a work shirt can be inconvenient, so by switching to polyester uniforms you can help your workers look nice without the need for an iron.

The tightly woven fibers in polyester fabric make it resistant to wrinkles, but if a wrinkle should occur it can easily be removed with steam. Your mechanics can simply hang their uniforms from the curtain rod as they shower and let the steam from the hot water remove unsightly wrinkles with no additional effort.

3. Polyester uniforms will hold their shape longer.

There are few things more unsightly than an ill-fitting uniform, and you want to ensure that your mechanics invest in uniforms that will fit properly until they wear out. To accomplish this task, you should invest in polyester uniforms for your workers.

The chemical composition of synthetic polyester gives this fabric the ability to retain its shape longer than natural fibers (like cotton). A polyester uniform won't shrink in the dryer, and the fabric won't stretch out of shape with wear.

Keeping your mechanics looking presentable is a challenge, but investing in polyester uniforms can provide a viable solution. When your mechanics wear polyester they will be protected from fire ignition, eliminate the need for ironing, and have a durable uniform that will maintain its shape. Contact a professional uniform retailer to get some new uniforms for your shop.