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Pros And Cons Of Coir Carpet For A Mudroom

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If you're looking for carpet for your mudroom, one of the options you might come across is coir. Made from the husk of coconuts, coir is increasing in popularity because it's a natural material. Its rough texture may not be desirable for other rooms in the home, like a living room or bedroom, but it can be an asset in your mudroom. Is coir the right choice for your room? Consider these pros and cons as you decide.

Pros of Coir Carpet for a Mudroom

Coir can stand up to scrubbing and washing. When your mudroom carpet gets dirty, you want to be able to scrub and clean it vigorously without worrying about tearing it to shreds. Coir can stand up to rough scrubbing, thanks to its naturally coarse texture, so you can clean with your toughest brushes. The material can also become water-logged with no ill effects. It won't shrink like some materials, though you will want to dry it quickly to prevent molding.

Coir has a natural, rustic appearance. The mudroom is often a place where outside meets in. Coir has a rustic, outdoorsy appearance and is usually a pale to dark brown in color, so it will coordinate well with the indoor/outdoor look of most mudrooms.

The color hides mud well. If you're the type of person who uses their mudroom for things like storing muddy boots and sporting equipment, this is a real asset. Unlike brighter-colored synthetic carpets that stain easily, coir tends to hide mud stains because, well, it's about the same color as mud.

Cons of Coir Carpet for a Mudroom

The fibers can become weakened if expose to excessive sunlight. If your mudroom gets a lot of sunlight, coir may not be the best option, since its fibers may start breaking and fraying. Of course, if coir otherwise seems like a good choice, you could just invest in some good shades to block the sun.

Coir does not come in many colors. Natural shades of brown and dark green are typically your only choices, so if you want  a colorful mudroom, you'll want to consider other materials.

Coir is not comfortable to sit or walk on. Most people don't walk barefoot or spend a lot of time sitting on the floor of their mudroom. However, if you intend to use your mudroom as more of an entertainment area, you may want to choose a carpet that softer than coir.

In all, coir carpeting is easy to keep clean, hides stains well, and is a durable choice for mudrooms. If you're willing to deal with a rough texture and limited color options, give it a try.

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