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Keep Carpets Clean In A Pet-Friendly Home

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Carpeting is a cost-efficient approach to flooring in homes, yet it could become compromised when you have pets. Cleaning up stains and smells due to animals may depend on the expertise and insights of a professional. Carpet cleaners, like Final Touch Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc., may be able to restore carpeting and keep it looking good with scheduled maintenance. However, if you want to clean and revitalize your own carpets, you may want to try some professional tactics:

Try gentle products. 

Many harsh rug cleaning solutions are toxic for pets, and those that are not harsh may be less effective at removing stubborn stains and foul odors from the fibers. Whenever possible, opt for gentler, more natural solutions to spot-clean your floors. Avoid harsh cleaning agents that contain chemicals that could harm your pets and the delicate fibers of hand-knotted carpets.

Use shampooing and spot-cleaning. 

If your carpets are starting to smell like a wet dog, it is definitely time for an all-over shampooing. Rent a machine that offers variable heads or brushes to match up with the fiber and pile of your rug. Get rid of urine or feces stains with a small spot-cleaning solution and a soft-bristled brush; create a paste of baking soda and white vinegar to apply to the area, which will also eliminate any smell.

Be diligent with vacuuming.

Regular vacuuming may also help to curb the deterioration that pet dander causes to expensive, natural-fiber carpeting samples. Wool carpeting, on the other hand, should be vacuumed less rigorously to prevent damage to the natural fibers, especially when the rug is hand-knotted or very old. In these instances, you may want to consider other ways of curbing pet damage, such as replacing or removing the carpet altogether or limiting the pet's exposure to the space. If you are selecting carpeting for a pet-friendly space, nylon and polyester carpeting varieties are fairly easy to clean and are resilient and durable enough to hold up to frequent vacuuming and washing. 

If you want your carpeting to look as if you don't have pets, you may want to reach out to a professional carpet cleaner for scheduled cleaning and maintenance. This is a great way to preserve the investment made in your home's flooring, while also keeping your space looking clean and pet-free. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach to cleaning your carpeting, consider these approaches to make the task a bit more effective.