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What To Look For In A Vacuum When You Have Pets

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Pets mean hair, dander, dirt, and a lot of stains, and you want a vacuum that can keep up with the maintenance they require. When purchasing a vacuum with your pets in mind, make sure you choose a model and style that matches your needs best. Here are things you should look for when buying a vacuum when you have pets in the home.


You want to buy a vacuum with as many amps of suction power as possible. As you consider vacuums available in your price range, consider the suction power first. This is measured by what is called its 'water lift', or how high it can lift 1 inch volume of water. This should be located in a vacuum's specifications. The higher the water lift rating, the more suction power a vacuum has for catching debris and deep-rooted hair out of your carpet.

Allergen control

You want to buy a vacuum that has multi-stage filters in its filtration system to help prevent dander, hair, and dirt from being emitted back into the air while you vacuum. This helps keeps allergies at bay and can reduce the amount of debris that is left behind after a quick cleaning. For added dirt and dander control, opt for a vacuum model that has enhanced bags to provide many layers of protection to hold everything you vacuum up safe inside the unit's bag.


A hose attached to your vacuum may not be enough to pick up all the pet hair that will gather under couches and collect in corners of your carpeting. Choose a vacuum that has many attachments you need, including:

  • spinning round brush
  • narrow-nozzle hose
  • pet brush attachment
  • wide hose

These attachments will help you vacuum in those difficult places, such as on curtains, under refrigerators, and in between couch cushions. If your vacuum doesn't come with these options automatically, check to see if you can buy them as separate additions to your purchase.


Finally, you want to get a vacuum that has an extended warranty that will cover clogs and breakage due to excessive use. You will use your vacuum -a lot- and you will put it through a lot of strain vacuuming up pet food, hair, dander, and dirt. An extended warranty helps protect your purchase and allows you to get replacement or repairs as you need them throughout the first few years of ownership.

If you have pets, you need a vacuum with greater suction, useful accessories, and allergen protection. Your local cleaning service company or vacuum repair shop like Apple Cleaning Supplies in Edmonton can help you choose the best vacuum for your needs.