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3 Reasons To Hire A Janitorial Service For Your Business

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If things are getting a little messy around the office or warehouse these days, you may be tempted to make "cleaning" an official job duty of your employees. But doing so may have some drawbacks to work productivity and staff morale. Instead, another option you could consider would be to hire a professional janitorial service to come in and keep things clean for you. Here are 3 reasons why you should contact a local janitorial service for a quote today.

Can Be Scheduled At Your Convenience

Bringing in a janitorial service doesn't mean you have to deal with another employee in your building full-time. Professional cleaning services understand that you might not want to have customers or clients see someone cleaning during business hours. If you operate in a warehouse with heavy equipment, you're not going to want someone getting in the way during working hours. You can schedule a cleaning service to come in overnight or only on weekends, whatever works best for you and your business.

Increase Worker Productivity

When cleaning is made a part of everyone's job, the office might be a bit cleaner, but you may also lose some workplace productivity and efficiency. Sure, the extra 10 minutes it takes to clean up after a project might not seem like much, but multiply that by how many employees you have and then expect them to do this 5 times a week and it's a different story. You could be looking at some lost hours that could have been spent doing something more important, like making the company money. If an employee knows someone is coming in to take care of things for them, they'll be able to maintain focus on what really matters.

Reduce Liability

One downside of having your own employees handle cleaning tasks that you may not have thought of is that you could be putting them into a dangerous situation that could end up with a lawsuit or workers' compensation claim. If your business is a warehouse with heavy duty materials, asking your employees to handle chemicals and special cleaning solutions might not be the best idea.  Cleaning during working hours could also cause someone to slip and fall on a still damp area. If one of the janitorial service's employees is injured on the job, they will likely be covered by their own company, not yours.

Bringing in an outside janitorial service to clean your office, warehouse or other place of business is a great way to keep your employees focused on their main responsibilities. Contact a local janitorial service like The Harlow Service today to schedule a cleaning time that is convenient for you.