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Ways To Update Your Bathrooms For Greater Cleaning Efficiency

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There are many modifications you can make to your bathrooms so you can more easily maintain them and keep them clean. With these modifications, you can reduce labor costs and also waste fewer cleaning materials. You will also improve the bathroom experience for your customers.

Updating The Hand Towels

Instead of using a traditional folded paper towel system, use a high-capacity roll system. These systems generate less waste and also last longer.

Better Soap Dispensers

If you haven't replaced your soap dispensers in awhile, you may want to switch to newer models that do not clog as often and do not rust. Some customers might use too much soap, which can be wasteful and affect your bottom-line. Automated soap dispensers release the right amount of soap into the user's hand and reduce the spread of germs by not requiring that the customer touch the soap dispenser.

Also, automated soap dispensers prevent soap from spilling, increasing the clean-up work necessary. The least expensive soaps can be easier to clean up. Thicker soaps do not have to be refilled as often.

The soap can be changed more quickly with a cartridge system. The larger the cartridges, the less frequently employees will have to replace hand soap and the fewer complaints by customers.

Implement Other Hands-Free Devices

Other hands-free devices, such as hands-free faucets and hands-free hand dryers, can also reduce the spread of germs. Also, since customers are not touching these devices, there is less to clean. Since these systems have become relatively common, customers may also expect them to have been implemented.

Consider Offering Free Personal Care Products

Personal care dispensers are becoming more common, with male bathrooms often providing condoms and female bathrooms often providing tampons. The dispenser should be lockable so that these products are not easily stolen.

Improve The Bathroom Smell With Deodorants

Deodorants can be used to create the impression that the bathroom is clean. However, this should not be used simply to mask a problem that your cleaning staff should be getting to.

Install Stainless Steel Stalls

Given that stalls are sometimes vandalized with graffiti, using stainless steel stalls will eliminate the problem of graffiti. This will not only reflect better on your business, but will also save money in graffiti removal efforts.

Give Employees The Best Cleaning Equipment

Employees should be provided the most-efficient tools for cleaning a bathroom, including a foam sprayer and a pump-up sprayer. With the latest equipment, your bathrooms will be fully clean more often and you will save on labor costs. For help keeping your bathrooms clean, contact a business such as Lunas Janitorial Service