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Professional Cleaning Services In Remote Areas Of Canada: What Are Your Options?

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Professional cleaning services are a nice luxury item, if you can afford them and you can get them. When you live in a remote part of Canada, however, professional cleaning service in these areas might be a little more difficult to acquire. Here are some possible options that may be available to you in your unique location.

Charity Groups and Nurses

If you are a senior citizen or have some physical or cognitive limitations, you could consult with charity groups who provide housekeeping services to these residents. You may also qualify for help with housekeeping if you are able to get a nurse to visit a few times a week. This is only an option to these special needs and elderly citizens, however, so if you do not fit into either of these groups of people, you will need to find another option for your cleaning needs.

Professional Long-Distance Cleaners

Some cleaning service providers are willing to travel greater distances within the same province or the same general region of the country. If you can find a professional cleaner who provides this long-distance service and is willing to come to your home, that may be one option for you to consider. Just be aware that you may have an extra fee for travel added to your service call, and you may only want to hire the cleaner to come out once or twice a month rather than weekly.

Local Housekeepers and Teens Looking for a Job

By local, it is meant that someone who lives within a ten-mile radius of you, given the level of remoteness by which you live. So, say that you live ten miles out of the nearest little town that contains less than five hundred people. (You know there are lots of little towns like that in this country!) Post a bulletin on the town announcement board, and you should be able to find a willing housekeeper within a few days to a week. At the very least, there would be a teenager or two who might be interested in the job.

Custodians Who Want Extra Work

If there is a school, a factory or some office buildings near you, there is bound to be a custodian who looks after their maintenance needs. Inquire at these locations regarding who it is that does all of the cleaning and maintenance for these public and private structures. Then ask the custodians if any of them would be interested in a side job as your professional housekeeper. If your needs are flexible and you can have someone come and clean on weekends or late nights, then you might be able to convince a custodian to help you.

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