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Tips For Cleaning Your Small Business's Bathroom Like A Professional

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If you own a small business that has public bathrooms, then it is vital that you know how to properly clean and disinfect them to keep your customers safe. Since bathrooms are breeding places for harmful bacteria such as e.coli that will make people very sick, cleaning the bathroom is a very serious job that needs to be done properly. To this end, follow these tips to clean your company's bathroom like a professional cleaning service.

Tip: Always Clean Your Bathrooms from the Ceiling to the Floor

When you clean any bathroom, you should always work from the ceiling down to the floor. As you wipe down the upper surfaces in your bathroom, bacteria will fall downward towards the floor. For this reason, you should dust light fixtures and clean mirrors first, then wipe down sinks and toilets, and finish by mopping the floors. This will ensure that when you clean the lower surfaces that you will catch any bacteria that has fallen.

Tip: Use a Denture Brush to Clean in Small Spaces

Since it is nearly impossible to get your sponge and towels down into the small spaces along faucets and other bathroom plumbing, use a denture brush and a mild cleaner in these areas. Spray your bathroom cleaner onto the denture brush and use its soft bristles to clean all of the hard-to-reach areas. Follow up with a warm water rinse.

Tip: Clean Streaked Mirrors Before You Use Glass Cleaner

If your company's bathroom mirror is streaked from your customers touching the glass with oil on their hands, then it is important that you remove the oil streaks before you try and clean the mirror with a glass cleaning product. If you don't remove the majority of the oil, then the glass cleaner will dilute the oil into the glass cleaner and you will end up with larger streaks.

The easiest way to remove grease and oils from glass and mirrors is to use a sponge dipped into some warm soapy water. Dish-washing detergent works well for this because it is designed for cutting grease when you wash your dishes. Rub the glass clean with the sponge and then rinse the mirror off with some clean water. Dry the mirror and then clean it with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

Tip: Hire Professional Help if Necessary

If you are not up to the task of cleaning your company's bathroom every night, then you should consider hiring a professional janitorial service to do it for you. Your customers should always have clean and sanitized bathrooms and professional janitorial staff are trained to ensure the safety for all of your customers.